Thursday, January 11, 2007

Jeff has "Road to Damascus" moment

Controlling sibilance and over-emphasised consonants is an important part of our vocal sound - especially with close mic'd, compressed and bright vocals. I tend to do a lot of work with Automation, (inspired by Steve Fitzmaurice's work on "Exciter", I have to say) which gives me a great deal of control and helps me make a big warm bright pop vocal sound that is friendly and not viciously attacking on certain consonants. Jeff has the same aim of course and has done a lot of work with sophisticated de-essing plugins, but today he dived in deep and really started working that Pro Tools Automation. It was a pleasure to behold (and to hear).

A note from Mission Control

So here we all are in the Control Room, Daniel Jeff James and I - on the final straight.

We are also in constant eMail communication with Vince. Andy was expected today but hasn't shown up yet :-) Daniel is here with his notes (very focused on anything interfering with the vocal) and we are zipping through tthe tracks. Everyone is in great spirits and excited about the album.

This is definitely coming together now (I am pleased to report).