Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You don't want to know

For reasons too boring to go into I had to briefly reinstall my original hard drive (Guitar Rig could not find the Bank elements and loaded up incorrectly)

Hot Off the Press

We have prepared the single Pro Tools Session (tho' we might do a few more tweaks!) for a fab Jeremy Wheatley mix scheduled to happen early January.

First Mixes of all tracks finished

So I have 14 tracks mixed now, and we are generally VERY pleased with them all. We have just had lunch and are running offsite AIT backup, and then Jeff and I are going to have a listening session when we listen to everything and make notes of any alterations we feel we would like to make. Luckily Andy has just turned up so he will join us in our listening session.

Then we will start tweaking the mixes (I love this bit!)