Thursday, November 02, 2006

Good Morning. BackUp is very important

Everyone knows this and I just want to encourage everyone with valuable data to back it up! I have 2 onsite hard drive backups and an offsite hard drive backup. (Joe keeps it with him and brings it in every evening at the end of the vocal session.) Also I have a DVD backup of everything. I started my day by completing one of the DVD backups as I listened to the work from last night and started putting rough mixes together. We have also been filming on mini DV (tape 7 so far) - and Joe has been dong a lot of this, so I backup the tapes into iMovie (what a great program!). Today I loaded in tapes 5 & 6. And I played with Native Instruments Reaktor Travelizer. It was a rainy morning and so I didn't go out on the bike. Suddenly Vince arrived (at the usual time it has to be said) and I am siting at the computer unshaven and unshowered. Gross! So he takes over on the current track and I dive in the shower.

Today we picked up the pace

Vince wants to get the the gym tomorrow so we planned to work on 3 tracks today, in order to win a bit more time tomorrow. This made it a fairly full-on day, almost hectic. But it was an enjoyable challenge, and I feel good now it's over. :-) Andy also had loads of energy and sung all 3 songs really well in my opinion. I'm now extremely tired, so it's goodnight.

Disco Problem

It seems like Oscar doesn't like Disco - perhaps we will have to redo the whole record now? :-)

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