Monday, October 30, 2006

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The first song on a Bright Sunny Monday

Well, we all survived the storm, I cycled into Portland and enjoyed an eggwhite Omelette at the Porthole.

Back in plenty of time to prepare for Vince's arrival. Vince and I were underwhelmed by our lack of genius on this song. It seemed lame to us, and not Electro enough. So we proceeded to rectify our failings immediately. I sped the song up, Vince changed the bassline and we were off! Within 90 minutes the song was TRANSFORMED. We loved it, and when Andy arrived he said immediately that it was MUCH better. We (electro) rock!

The second song made a better initial impression, but Vince had decided that between us we had put too many annoying bell sounds on the track! So we got rid of those :-) And we crept the tempo up slightly - now it sits really nice with the vocal melody. For me the tempo of the song is so much about maximising the feel of the vocal melody, and it is a lot of fun getting that just right. Especially as we get closer and closer to final vocals.

Andy is continually reworking and honing the lyrics, and to my ear they keep improving - all credit to him and his focus and determination. He is also in fine voice, so it is a pleasure to work with him on the songs.

Vince tells another joke

possible quote of the day by Vince

"Just say Futurist - that works every time for me"

Vince chats briefly about synths

Sunday was a much needed day of rest, I enjoyed a very long cycle ride all around Cousin's Island and Little John Island. It was so windy on the bridge to Cousin's Island that I had to get off and walk - the wind was blowing me off my bike. Not much else to report other than the fact that I got an eMailed Photo from Vince to remind me that he IS making a disco album - so all of us Dance Music fans can be happy. :-)