Saturday, November 11, 2006

Day 2 London Singing

Andy hardly slept again, but boy was he in good voice! It just shows you (but thank goodness he now has the weekend off to rest and recover) sometimes that feeling must come out anyway. He did an OUTSTANDING interpretation of one song, and a great version of another too. I am very excited. I was just too tired to do an vocal editing, but will get to it over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back! x

Luciano Cardozo said...

Why do not record and produce the album and the vocal, in a "real studio"? The sound in an apartment is better that a studio room?
The programming, i can undestand, but, the vocals? No street noises?

LeeG said...

Along the same lines as Luciano - how come you all seem so budget conscious? Vince must have sold 37B then if you've got no studio to go to.

sleep by windows said...

v. exciting. :>

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys - So glad you are continuing Gareth.

I think it must be quite nice to record in a warm, cozy apartment. The tiles on the fireplace are beautiful.

Andy looks so cute - and happy too - singing away in his socks! I can't wait to hear the results!!!

Hugs and kisses - L.

Anonymous said...

How annoying it must be to receive comments that pertain to 'real studios' or being 'budget conscious.' Can we not just simply congratulate some folks who have been making great music for over 20 years, regardless if it is in a studio versus a house? I guess not. Oh wait...I will. Congratulations.

Bryde said...

Reading your blog makes me even more excited about the next Erasure album!I love your work with Erasure as well as DM and your posts make fans feel very welcome and involved.

I am looking forward to each new post!

Anonymous said...

HI guys, i would like to know when the next erasure album will be come and how many singel/videoclip, will be there , and publicite of it ?
thanks so much.
be brave and what the way :-)
Andre from switzerland